Farmstay Agreement

To Prospective Hosts and Participants:

Contact Canada’s farmstay programe offers participants an opportunity to live on a farm and to learn firsthand how a farm operates. Contact Canada’s host families welcome people onto their farms and into their homes at little or no cost to the participant. Participants, however, must be willing to help with daily chores and assist in the day to day operation of the farm. The farm will provide each participant with a place to sleep and three meals per day.

Working holiday visa holders on the programe must agree to stay at least 1 month and work approx. 40 hours a week. The language barrier and the typical participant’s lack of farm or work experience makes training a time consuming affair for many farmers, and it is usually a long time before a participant is of any great help to the farmer. It is good to keep this in mind and to understand that all of our farmers realize that the majority of our participants don’t have any farm experience but are willing to help you in any way they can to adjust to life on the farm. All Host Families have expressed an interest in people from other cultures which is the primary reason they were invited to be a part of the farmstay programe.

If, however, you find yourself working more than 40hours per week, and feel that you are doing the same amount of work as other workers on the farm and in the same amount of time, you should negotiate with the farmer for an hourly wage for any extra hours worked. Participants should also remember, however, that this is not an employment programme but and educational experience. Please understand that some farmers cannot afford to pay you for extra hours and would prefer that you didn’t work the hours if you must be paid a full wage.

The following understanding and agreement, has been written to help clarify the duties and responsibilities of the participant, the Host Family, and Contact Canada. It will also provide you, the participant, with a general idea of what life on a farm might involve. Please read it carefully and be sure to ask our coordinator for clarification about anything you aren’t absolutely clear about. In this way, we hope to ensure that your experience is a positive and enjoyable one.

Working Farmstay Agreement 

Farmstay Participant Agreement