Host Family Application

*** We currently require more family registration in the following cities:

Victoria, Toronto and Vancouver.

The homestay experience is quickly becoming a common and popular way for international students to meet and get to know Canadian people and their culture. Both host and visitor/student gain the opportunity to share different culutures each other. All visitors/students choose Homestay as the way to learn English/French (in Montreal only) through real life in Canada.

For becoming a Host family, please refer these conditions as students need as follows.


  • English only environment (Must speak Native-level English)
  • Treat the student as one of the family members 
  • Provide 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner & a private bedroom with a desk (right environment for studying)

  -We may request share room for group students only the case they requested.
  - Please note that from the participant’s paid homestay fee, Contact Canada Educational Services (CCES) will retain a management fee of approximately $1/day for the contracted period as long as the participants want to pay the homestay fee through CCES and need our support during their homestay.

If you would be interested in hosting a homestay, please take a moment to submit an application form.


Prospective visitors and hosts whose wish to participate is based solely on financial considerations (i.e. visitors who wish to save on hotel costs, or hosts wanting to supplement their existing income) are strongly discouraged from joining the program as the experience will generally turn out to be a negative one for everyone involved.