Homestay Agreement

To Prospective Hosts and Participants:

The homestay experience is quickly becoming a common and popular way for people from around the world to meet and get to know one another. Both host and visitor gain the opportunity to talk and spend time with one another in a manner that is not usually an option in conventional tourism.

For the visitor, homestay is a chance to participate in the daily life of a Canadian family and to make Canadian friends. And for those studying English, staying with a family provides plenty of opportunities to practice the language and to see how it is used by native speakers. For the host, it is a chance to learn not only about another culture but also to learn more about their own as they see Canada through their visitor's eyes.

Contact Canada's homestay program is perfect for hosts and visitors interested in forming new friendships and learning from a cultural exchange. It is important that our hosts and visitors be patient and flexible in their relationships with one another and that they keep in mind that the various languages and cultures of the world are not right or wrong - just different. And as there are many differences, both cultural and personal, we ask both parties to remember to always "treat others as you wish to be treated yourself."

Contact Canada has always encouraged suggestions from its host families and participants on ways to improve its homestay program. Based on the recommendations to date, we have come up with standardAGREEMENTS to be signed by the host family and by the participant before they enter the program. The terms and conditions are intended to make the homestay experience a rewarding for everyone, and to outline generally what is expected of both host and visitor.

Prospective visitors and hosts whose wish to participate is based solely on financial considerations (i.e. visitors who wish to save on hotel costs, or hosts wanting to supplement their existing income) are strongly discouraged from joining the program as the experience will generally turn out to be a negative one for everyone involved.

Click here to download the Homestay Participant Agreement